Research Projects

Funded Projects

Grants: Till to date, I submitted eighteen different projects (four Newton Funds- three with Thailand, one with Saudi Arabia, three SBRI Innovate UK, one CyberASAP, one UKRI’s Strategic Priorities Fund, one NIHR, UK, one GCRF, two Horizon 2020 and five at UTM, MY) and fourteen of them as the PI and four as co-I. Following are the summary of the grants I have secured so far:

  • PI- An AI-enabled digital diagnosis, empowerment, and participatory platform for HFMD surveillance, Newton Fund, £99k (02/2020-02/2021)
  • PI- Ris2IoT@places, InnovateUK, Academic Startup, £32k (04/2019 -07/2019)
  • PI- Network building with Two Thai & one Bangladeshi University, GCRF-QR, £3.8k (03/2019-07/2019)
  • PI -Design of a new Security Model of Intelligent Transport Systems (FRGS, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia), RM67K/£13k, (01/2013 -12/2014).
  • PI -QoS-aware new MAC protocol in Body Area Sensor Networks (BASNs/BANs) for Medical Applications, UTM, MY, RM30K/£6K, (01/2012-12/2012).
  • PI (Academic Advisor)- GAP project on Cyber Security, funded by ERDF & VirtualArmour Ltd (UK & USA based cybersecurity company), £36k (09/2020-08/2021)
  • Under review: One Newton Fund (as the PI), and one GCRF (Agri-tech catalyst round 10, as the PI) and 2 Horizon 2020 (as Co-I).

Also, we were shortlisted for the UKRI’s Strategic Priorities Fund (£1.94M) and invited for CyberASAP’s (2019) MVP phase submission. Moreover, the ScienceFund (2013), MY, submission (RM 280K/£53K) was shortlisted but was rejected finally due to lack of sufficient contract period and was asked to resubmit with the new job contract.

PhD Projects (Ongoing)

  • Software defined network for IoT security (October 2020-)
  • Deep Learning based Automated Analysis of Multimodal Forensic Data (child abuse) (October 2019-)
  • Multiomic Data Analysis of Ovarian Cancer Using Deep Learning (March 2019-)
  • Blockchain-based Distributed and Secure Learning (December 2018 -)
  • Lightweight Cryptography for IoT devices (December 2018 -)
  • AI Planning for Personalized Learning Interactive Learning System (September 2018-)